HIMALAYAN BOWL MASSAGE Experience deep relaxation as the sounds of the bowls ease your mind into a state of bliss as you feel the vibrations of the bowls move through your muscles, creating an unexpected full body massage. 60 minutes DEEP LISTENING Often we talk, but how often are we heard? A deep listening session is an hour to speak your heart and to be compassionately listened to in a way that allows you to hear yourself, creating space for self awareness and personal growth. 60 minutes YIN YOGA & MEDITATION Yin and meditation welcomes us into quiet and inward focus. Physically, yin yoga is very slow paced and gently unwinds our body as we hold poses for minutes at a time. Energetically, meditation engages us to notice the space we’re holding emotionally, offering us opportunities of lasting change. I host weekly online yin & meditation as well as in person. 90 minutes. Online link. PELVIC FLOOR THERAPY Unbalance in the pelvic floor can create a host of unwelcome symptoms; urinary and bowel incontinance, low back pain, painful sex and general pelvic discomfort. A consultation will help determine the best movement practices to help you connect with your pelvic floor and begin healing. COMMITMENT All offerings are on a sliding scale with (exception for online classes) $60-120 per hour