Himalayan Sound Healing
Sound Healing with Himalayan singing bowls is an ancient, simple yet deeply powerful way to remove blockages in the body and relax the mind. Sessions can unwind years of unresolved stress and awaken hidden realizations. Sound Healing with Himalayan bowls is exceptional for trauma, chronic pain, depression and anxiety, pregnancy, postpartum, newborn colic, ptsd, post surgery and during cancer treatment. In essence...it is for everyone, every age & every condition. I will never forget the depth of new awareness that took root after my first sound session. It is my greatest pleasure to share this healing experience.
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It’s beautiful to connect with you! My name it Tinneca and my mastery is in holding sacred space to encourage your unfolding through deep and centered mindful awareness. My personal practice of mindfulness, meditation, prayer and faith is what allows me to stay grounded and intuitive so I can offer the world what I hold most sacred to myself; inner peace. As a holistic practitioner , I combine all of the lessons learned from every person and experience of my life; from my academic and clinical experiences as a licensed midwife, somatic therapist and child development specialist, to my deep spiritual work as a mother of 5, wife and Yogini …and everything in between! I work with all people and situations to create intimate and individual sessions where I support you as you connect with the self awareness that ultimately brings personal freedom. My everyday life is full of the ups and downs that living requires and I am grateful for each moment. I share my life with my husband and our 5 independent and free thinking kids plus a few other young people who have found a safe haven in our home. We have an organic farm where we host an interest led nature school, Timber Creek Farm and Forest.
TESTIMONIALS “Throughout the years I have been to many holistic practitioners. I've had a few bad experiences and some wonderful. None of the therapists I've worked with are in touch with my needs as much as Tinneca has been. Her techniques are highly effective and the experience was comfortable from beginning to end. She goes far beyond what is common practice and I walked away from each session feeling balanced, relaxed and thoroughly functional. I could not recommend her highly enough." Jon M : Personal Trainer “I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life. Tinneca has a way of being with me that I can’t really explain. It’s almost like her love helps me love myself...I recommend her.” - Jessica L : Stay at Home Mom “I have no way to explain what the bowl massage was like, other than to say I feel SO peaceful. The most relaxed I’ve felt in months. This will be a monthly treat!” - Tina M : Elementary Teacher “I’m still floating after my bowl massage and it’s been 2 days! I look forward to my next appointment and I can’t recommend Tinneca and her services highly enough.” Trevor L : Store Manager “A friend recommended Tinneca and I’ve had a few different treatments with her. She is so calming and really helps me get to the heart of the matter.” Jeanette S : ER Nurse “Tinneca is the most beautiful soul, one of those people you only meet once in a lifetime. A true, genuine, kind human with a servant's heart. A real, passionate love for what she does, and the care and devotion she gives to the women she serves is unlike any midwife I've ever known or heard of. May all midwives strive to be more like her." Courtney J, Stay at Home Mom